24Hr Fencing Marathon

(please note – this page/site is no longer being maintained or updated. Salle Joseph is still active and can now be found at www.sallejoseph.co.uk)

A few years after its inception in 1985, the Salle organised the first of its “famous” 24-Hour Fencing Marathons. These ran bi-annually from 1988 to 2007 and raised in excess of £37,000 for various causes. The amounts raised and the benefiting organisations were:-

  • 1988 Sports Aid 1988 – £7,000
  • 1990 British Paraplegic Fencers – £1,925
  • 1992 Muscular Dystrophy – £1,336
  • 1992 Action for Research into Multiple Sclerosis  - £1,336
  • 1995 Friends of the British Home / Hospital for the Incurables – £1,155
  • 1995 St Joseph’s Hospice – £1,155
  • 1997 Marie Curie Cancer Care – £6,700
  • 1999 St Christopher’s Hospice, Sydenham – £2,150
  • 1999 The Royal Marsden, Sutton – £2,150
  • 2002 Marie Curie Cancer Care – £4,075
  • 2005 St Christopher’s Hospice, Sydenham – £4,362
  • 2007 The Aplastic Anaemia Trust – £4,400
  • (In addition, The Members of Salle Joseph desired that this Event should honour the memory of George Farmer who, although a member of Wimbledon Fencing Club was a friend to and much respected by, all)

Total Raised- £37,744

The Salle runs the widely-known Twenty-Four Hour Fencing Marathon, the Ninth one of which brought its total charitable fundraising accomplishments to £38,000.

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Thanks to the St Joseph’s College authorities, this will again take place in the College Sports Hall, at Beulah Hill, London, SE19 3HL (see attached map & directions).


Changed dates Sat/Sun 6th/7th October.


Entry is open to all fencers, of whatever age, sex or fencing ability, and participants will be admitted at any time during the 24-Hour period. No Entry Fees are levied.

Thanks to the continuing generosity of Leon Paul Equipment, the Organisers will be able to facilitate extensive Electric fencing in Foil, Epee and Sabre. The centre pistes will be run, as usual, to ensure continuous fencing for the full 24-Hour period.

Special additional contests will be arranged by the Organisers but participants will be free to stage ad hoc events throughout the Marathon. To indulge this President, participants are requested that all fights, other than “ad hocs”, be conducted for six minutes duration. All fencing will be under the supervision of Marshals and participants are requested to comply with their directions and advice at all times.


Participants are exhorted to raise sponsorship monies for the chosen Cause and to inform the Organisers of estimated donations pledged before the end of the Marathon.

Special Sponsorship Forms (see copy attached) are available from the Organisers and these should be returned directly to me at the address shown below with monies collected.

All monies received by me will be paid into a Halifax Building Society Account designated “London Fencing Marathon Fund” which may be freely inspected.

A small amount of funds collected will be applied to cover essential running costs, (postage, stationery, telephone calls, batteries, etc.) This will be advised to all participants and to the chosen Cause.

Sponsorship monies collected by me will be paid over to the Cause, at an appropriate ceremony, by not later than 9th October. Participants are asked to ensure pledged donations are passed over to me in good time to complete these arrangements.


Pre-event registration is not a requirement but participants will avoid years being added to my life if they are able to provide some indication as to what time of the day or night they are expected to attend when returning the R.S.V.P.Form to me.

Car parking facilities are available and all participants are expected to observe common courtesies especially during the sane person’s normal sleeping hours between 11pm and 7am.


Modest refreshments will be available throughout the 24-Hour period but participants are encouraged to make provision for their own needs.


The College Sports Hall has the limited facilities typical of a working school.


The unstinting charitable nature of participants and donors supporting our previous seven marathons has resulted in some £33,000 being raised for truly worthy causes. We are confident that we can maintain this level of generosity and commitment for our designated Cause.

The Members of Salle Joseph desire that this Event should honour the memory of George Farmer, a member of Wimbledon FC and friend to all, especially to young fencers

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